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What Are The Different Parts Of Your HVAC System?

Posted on January 20, 2023

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, or HVAC system, is made of many different parts, each with its own functions. These systems can get complicated, and it can be hard to keep track of what does what. Here’s an overview of what typically constitutes the HVAC system in your Carrollton home.


You know about the thermostat. It sits on the outside and controls the entire HVAC system. Thermostats are built with temperature sensors so they can display the current temperature. And, of course, they also operate the whole system. They’re easily the most user-friendly part of the HVAC system and the most intuitive to understand.

Furnace/Air Conditioning/Heat Pump

You’ll find your furnace in your attic, basement, or in a closet somewhere. It’s massive, so it needs to be stored out of the way. The furnace uses oil, natural gas, or electricity to heat the air in your HVAC system.

Conversely, the air conditioner cools the air by using liquid air refrigerant. This liquid makes the air colder through its unique chemistry.

Many newer Carrollton homes use a heat pump, which heats and cools the air. For this to work effectively the path through the ducts must be clean. This may require ventilation cleaning services.

Blower Motor

Blower motors power fans that are located near the furnace or heat pump. They absorb air from the return registers and blast new air out of the supply registers, shutting off when combustion ends. Variable-speed motors start up slowly to reduce noise.

Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers are part of the furnace. They’re what distribute the heat into the air. They either use burners or electric coils from the combustion chamber. As they heat up, the blower motor blasts air over them, causing the air to get warmer. Gas heat exchangers use carbon monoxide, which could be deadly. If you have a gas furnace, buy plenty of CO2 detectors.

Evaporator Coil

These are located somewhere on the furnace itself, either on the top or side. These coils help cool the air when the heater is off or when the A/C is on. They’re full of refrigerant, which absorbs heat from the air. The catch is that they tend to cause condensation, which can cause mold. If you have a mold problem, hire a professional Carrollton air duct cleaner.

Condenser Coil

You’ll find these outside your Carrollton home. They expel heat from your home to help your air conditioner cool your house faster. This process also helps out the evaporator coil in cooling the air. To ensure it lasts, you need to keep this coil clean regularly. You may wish to use air duct cleaning service.

Combustion Chamber

The combustion chamber is part of the furnace. The furnace pumps air into it. It ignites oxygen through electricity or gasses, creating heat for the system to circulate. This is the heat that the heat exchanger absorbs.

Air Ducts

The ductwork is where the air is initially distributed. The ducts have outlets all over your Carrollton home and can pump this cold or hot air evenly throughout the house. They can occasionally fill with dust, attract rodents or pests, or distribute mold spores. If this happens to you, call a professional Carrollton duct cleaner to take care of the problem.

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