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How To Improve Your Furnace’s Efficiency

Posted on November 18, 2022

When most people are experiencing an issue with the strength and efficiency of their furnace, they often assume the problem is with the heating unit. But this is not always the case. It is possible that calling a Carrollton duct cleaning company will be all you need to increase your furnace efficiency.

What Keeps Your Home from Warming Up?

If your furnace is working properly, what might be causing your home to warm up so poorly? One problem you could be facing is walls that have not been insulated correctly. But if this is a recent development or something that has been getting worse over time, you might be able to benefit from ventilation cleaning services.

1. Poor Insulation

Some homes let heat escape due to poorly installed insulation. What insulation is doing is not allowing hot air to escape or cold air to enter your home. It is a way to regulate temperature. A great way to understand this is to think about being outdoors as the sun goes down.

The temperature fluctuates a lot during the day. Without walls, the temperature can change rapidly. With walls, it takes longer for air to cycle out of a system and be replaced. With insulated walls, you are making an even thicker barrier to provide the best temperature regulation possible.

If your home is taking a very long time to warm up but is staying warm, the issue is almost certainly unrelated to insulation. Longer warm-up times where the warm air stays around are a good indication that you are experiencing the second leading cause of furnace inefficiency.

2. Obstructed Vents

Think about the way the air is circulating in your home. Airflow is facilitated entirely through the ventilation system. So it only makes sense that something blocking that pathway is going to cause issues with heating. Especially if the obstructions are heat sinks (meaning they absorb heat).

The larger the air impediments, the slower the air will circulate through the vent and into the room. Even if the debris in the vents is not large, they could still be very heat absorbent. For example, the lint from a clogged dryer vent could capture quite a bit of heat (ultimately creating a significant fire risk).

Heating Improvements From Air Duct Cleaning

The air duct cleaning service you receive can greatly improve the efficiency of your furnace. By clearing out any blockages in the ventilation system, there is nothing in the way of your warmed air. This leads to quick temperature adjustments during the winter months.

Having your home warm quickly isn’t just convenient for your comfort. It will also save you money. Even though your furnace isn’t warming your home due to blocked vents, it is still expending the energy required for fast warming. That means the longer you run your furnace, the more money you are spending on energy.

In Closing

With energy prices increasing, running your furnace unnecessarily is the same as burning your cash. There is no need to pay more money to heat your home if your heater is working just fine. This winter, stay warm more efficiently and call for air duct cleaning.

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