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A Guide To Proper Dryer Safety

Posted on December 16, 2022

Your dryer can start a fire If you don’t properly maintain it. Dryers are more hazardous than most people realize, and many don’t take good care of them. Here are a few tips on how to keep your dryer from becoming dangerous.

Always use a lint filter

Ensure you have a proper lint filter whenever you use your dryer. If you don’t use a lint filter, you’ll have a buildup of lint that will need to be cleaned out. Without a filter, you will end up needing vent cleaning services more regularly.

Only have it serviced by a Carrollton professional

If you ever have a problem with your dryer, don’t try to solve it yourself. Dryers are hot and full of electricity and gas, and you can hurt yourself and damage the dryer. Only have a Carrollton duct cleaning professional service your dryer.

Always clean lint

Always ensure your lint traps are empty before and after every load of laundry. This is not the same as dryer vent cleaning. You’ll want to be as easy on your dryer vents as possible, and the lint trap helps with that.

Make sure your vent pipe isn’t restricted

Your vent needs to, well, vent. If there’s something in the way, it won’t let the heat and lint escape properly, and a fire might start. Move anything that might be restricting your vent.

Have your vents cleaned out once a year

Every year, call a Carrollton dryer vent cleaning service and have them clear the lint from your dryers. This significantly reduces your risk of a dryer fire and is very important.

Have a Carrollton professional inspect gas dryers

Gas leaks can be disastrous. If you have gas dryers installed, be sure to call a Carrollton professional and have them look at your piping systems to ensure there are no leaks.

Check the outlet

Ensure your dryer is plugged in correctly and all the electrical parts are connected as they should be. Improper use of outlets can lead to devastating electrical fires.

Don’t overload

Manufacturers’ instructions should tell you how much you can safely load your dryer. Never overload it with too many clothes, or it could get overwhelmed.

Turn it off if you’re away or asleep

Only run your dryer if you’re both at home and fully conscious and alert. If something goes wrong, you need to be able to act fast. Always be on your feet while your dryer is running.

Move flammable things

Make sure there’s nothing flammable sitting by the dryer while running. Move these things to another part of your house before turning on the machine. You should never keep flammable items near sources of heat like dryers.

Replace any accordion-style vents

This vent type is flexible and perfect for getting around corners, but it also catches lint constantly. If you can, replace any vents that look like this with rigid ones. If yours are plastic, these are especially dangerous and should be replaced immediately.

Treat chemical stains with care

Some stains are flammable, like gasoline stains and some cleaning agents. Wash these stains multiple times and air-dry them. Never put them in the dryer until you know there are no remnants left of the stain.

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